5th Innovation Forum: m-learning: the reality of mobile learning

Pau Yanez


The experience gained by ITEM Formación in the field of language learning via mobile devices has allowed them to assess which mobile technologies are best suited to meeting actual learning goals.

Innovative and groundbreaking projects in Spain, such as A la carte Spanish, are now possible thanks to the constant improvements seen in mobile technologies. These advances allow for the creation of learning content of any kind, including multimedia, such as video and audio, and for a high level of interaction from students. The variety of resources helps motivate and involve students in the learning process and has led to a new learning methodology based this technology: m-Learning.

M-Learning or mobile learning is a step on from e-Learning. It is now possible to learn via the internet using new technologies and to do so using mobile devices with internet access.

This evolution of the e-Learning concept improves training in certain important ways:

  • Ubiquitous. Learning content can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Just for me. Learning can be more specific, customised and focused on the exact needs of the student, employing learning objects, which have specific training goals to develop particular skills and knowledge.
  • It is a basic means for people to communicate with other people and with institutions. Learning has to take advantage of the most efficient forms of communication to improve levels of quality.

In the 5th Innovation Forum on 3rd October, Pau Yanez, member of the Itemformación pedagogical team, will introduce us to the m-Learning and will present us some experiences achieved by his team about training contents for mobile devices.

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